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Business Co-founder

Soma Rem is a digital health MedTech company looking for a passionate entrepreneurial talent and business professional to join our team as a business co-founder. This person should come with a motivation to further develop this early stage MedTech company, an analytical and data driven approach to decisions, and a self-starter attitude to determinedly pursue opportunities.


You will work on our early stage venture with us and play a major role in founding and developing the business. We are looking for someone to identify opportunities in the market, handle business financials, and create detailed business plans and other documents, such as business registration materials. The ideal candidate will develop financial estimates and, importantly, seek out additional funding and investors. We are looking for someone who is genuinely interested in joining an early stage startup, which would also mean first helping in securing the next financing round before a salary could be paid. 


While we value your experience and previous accomplishments, we moreover value your motivation and drive!


Must be fluent/proficient in English, German is a plus.

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